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      Get to Know Our Nibs

      Built on Heritage

      Our selection of nibs harkens back to the Esterbrook of yesteryear, ensuring there is always a nib for you and your unique writing style!

      Fast Facts

      Esterbrook nibs are JoWo #6, an industry standard known for their consistency and excellence

      Nibs work for all Estie models and our new Model J

      Nibs come in a variety of sizes (EF to Stub 1.1 + Flex)

      Nibs available in Palladium and Gold

      What Makes Our Nibs Special?

      Industry Standard

      We use JoWo #6 steel nibs, a leader in the fountain pen industry


      We offer 10 nib varieties with more options on the way!


      Esterbrook is known for their smooth writing nib which perfectly complement the Estie design

      Standard Nib Sizes

      There are currently seven nib sizes to choose from as a standard option for your Estie. You can select from any of these nibs at no additional cost: Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Extra-Fine Flex, and Fine Flex.

      Shop all Esties now to enjoy our Standard Nibs!

      What's a Flex nib? Click here to learn more!

      Click Here to learn about our 18K Gold Nibs!

      Writing Samples of our Standard Nibs

      Our Custom Nib Program

      Custom Nibs

      We partner with world-class nib artisans to create custom nibs which aren't part of our standard line. These nibs are hand-crafted by talented nibmeisters to bring you an unparalleled writing experience.

      Learn About Each Custom Nib

      Gena Salorino's Journaler Nib

      Josh Lax's Scribe Nib

      Kirk Speer's Needlepoint Nib

      CY's Techo Nib