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      The Estie FLEX is Here!

      Sometimes pressure is considered a negative thing, but other times it can create something magical. Think, for example, about diamonds. Or, perhaps, the bit of pressure needed to write with a flexible nib.
      We have always been the "right pen for the way you write" and now we're expanding our line-up of nibs for even more ways to write! We're excited to share the launch of Estie FLEX.

      If you love a little line variation in your writing, or just want to have some fun with a new nib, the FLEX is a great option to consider. Designed to provide some pliability at the nib's point, pressure applied when writing will create variations in ink flow and, ultimately, your handwriting. This is great for those who want a bit of a calligraphic look to their writing or who generally write in a more Italic/cursive print.

      Ultimately, Esterbrook's goal is to create a writing experience that reflects the diverse community of our friends and the Estie FLEX is one way in which we're extending our current line-up of nibs to ensure that every customer, when they pick up an Esterbrook pen, can create something magical, creative, and totally unique to them. The FLEX only opens the options to do just that.

      We've partnered with JoWo to create this stainless steel flex nib, meaning the same quality and attention to detail that goes into our traditional line-up of nibs extends to this one, too! 

      It is available in EF Flex and Fine Flex and only available in silver trim.

      It will be part of our permanent collection of nibs starting today, meaning you can order it with any Estie of your choosing

      Still curious if the Estie FLEX is for you? Watch the video below!

      The FLEX in Action!