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      Vintage Esterbrook Repair Options

      Being stewards of a heritage brand means that we understand that our clients have a long history of collecting our products. For over 150 years, Esterbrook has been synonymous with the American writing community. Because of this, we know that many of our customers have collected our earlier models. Whether you inherited a pen from your grandfather or found one in a flea market, we’re committed to keeping your pen writing for generations to come. While we do not do in-house repairs for our vintage models, we have built relationships with pen enthusiasts who know our brand well. Below you will find information for our preferred repair companies to assist in restoring your vintage Esterbrook to its former glory. You can also email us and a member of the team will assist you in finding the best solution for your repair.  

      Tim Ettenheim of Tim's Vintage Pens

      A pen enthusiast since the 1960’s, Tim repairs and restores a wide variety of American and European brands, giving him the hobbyists know-how with the expert mind to troubleshoot many common issues that arise with vintage and second-hand pens. For years we have worked with Tim to repair pens for our customers and we keep coming back to him due to his service, reliability, and knowledge. You can find out more about Tim here.

      Brian Anderson of Anderson Pens

      With insider knowledge as both a retailer and a repairer, Brian is another person we have built a relationship with over the years. With an unparalleled enthusiasm for writing instruments, our customers are always pleasantly surprised at the attention to detail and care that comes from working with Brian. You can find out more about his online shop here

      Found a Nib you Love? 

      Do you have a vintage nib you love and want to connect it to one of our modern Esterbrook Esties? Consider purchasing an MV Nib Adaptor. This adaptor was engineered to allow for contemporary Esterbrook models to accept vintage nibs in over 300 styles. With a comfortable feel and exceptional engineering, our adaptors should be in any serious collectors’ desk drawer. 

      You can find further information regarding the MV Adaptor here.

      Additional Resources