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      Estie Gold Rush Arrives!

      Estie Gold Rush Arrives!

      Its been a year in development and we couldn't be more pleased with the results of our new Golden Child. Gold Rush is here in the first two colors of the collection and its all the shimmer to be expected from our Premium Estie.  Available in Dreamer Purple and Prospector Black, Gold Rush is something of jewelry, art and sophistication. 

      Perfectly blended from the US made DiamondCast material, Gold Rush is a wonderful combination of shimmer and gold. Each pen holds unique characteristics, as no two pens are alike. Like other Premium Estie pens made from DiamondCast, Gold Rush is this seasons introduction and is available in limited quantities and like real gold, will be a rare commodity. 


      As Richard Esterbrook was setting up shop on the east coast in 1858, one of the most significant events to shape American history was just coming to a close. The Gold Rush brought 300,000 people from around the world to California, making San Francisco the central metropolis of the new frontier. Discovery of gold nuggets in the Sacramento Valley ten years earlier stoked the American dream, causing one of the first major


      Gold Rush Prospector

      gold rushes since the time of the Roman Empire. The rivers of California had plans for this sleepy part of the country and the glistening waters drew industrialists, laborers, entrepreneurs and dreamers to sift them for ore and to secure their fortunes.

       This sense of making one’s own way was not lost on the English Esterbrook, who was himself trying to make a better life for himself and his family by seeking prosperity in the United States.


      To celebrate the Gold Rush’s place in American history and honor Esterbrook’s own history, the Esterbrook Estie has been reimagined in two limited edition gilded colors, beginning with the release of the Prospector Black and the Purple Dreamer.


      The Premium Gold Rush Estie’s will all be available as Standard and Oversized gold-trimmed Fountain Pens with standard Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad or 1.1 Stub nibs. It is also available with the “Journaler” nib for $50 additionally.

       Gold Rush Nibs

      This offering is also available as a rollerball and for the first time, this special edition Estie is available as a ballpoint pen.


      The Gold Rush Estie’s are available in limited quantities and will be gone just as quickly as the gold boom was.


      Tutorial: How to Fill Your Fountain Pen with Esterbrook

      Tutorial: How to Fill Your Fountain Pen with Esterbrook

      When first opening the heritage red box of your Esterbrook, you may feel a little daunted by the need to fill your fountain pen for the first time. Luckily, we have built a step-by-step guide to make the process as easy (and painless!) as possible. 

      Two Ways to Fill your Fountain Pen

      The first is with the converter that we include with each Esterbrook fountain pen.

      1. To start you will need to the grip section of the pen from the barrel.
      2. Next, attach the converter to the pen. The ink converter will press into the pen on the back side of the converter and it is compression fit so that the ink won’t leak.
      3. To ready the converter for ink, you will twist it counterclockwise, which will move the piston towards the nib.
      4. You’re ready for ink.
      5. Dip the nib into the ink bottle. Make sure that the breather hole on the nib is submersed.
      6. Now, twist the screw clockwise which will draw the ink into the converter.
      7. Remove the pen from the ink. You can twist the piston counterclockwise a tiny bit to get rid of those pesky air bubbles if you like.
      8. You should also wipe off any excess ink on the converter and nib.
      9. Reassemble your pen and write your next great masterpiece!


      To fill your Esterbrook using a cartridge, you will start the same way as you do with a converter, by disassembling you pen.

      1. Take your cartridge and insert it into the nib section. Press it into place to puncture the ink cartridge’s seal. You might hear a small click as you do this, and you will feel the cartridge click into place.
      2. The ink cartridge will now take over and the ink will start to work its way into the feed and nib. You can gently squeeze the cartridge to help this process along and also hold the pen downwards to encourage the ink to flow.


      Have any further questions? Watch our video for first-time Esterbrook owners: