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      Snowy Studio and our MV Nib Adaptor

      For Esterbrook, a connection to the past has always been the ethos of our brand. Now, we’re making that connection even deeper with our patent-pending Adaptor.

      As with many heritage brands, designs and mechanics change over time. With a history of over 150 years, this holds true for Esterbrook, too. Since our relaunch in 2018, customers have asked us if they can use their beloved vintage nibs in any of our contemporary models. We are happy to say that this is now possible with the MV Nib Adaptor for your Estie.

      Having worked with top designers and engineers, Esterbrook has created a specialized Adaptor that connects the past and present in a truly remarkable piece of technology. This specialized instrument was built to allow over 300 different nib styles to seamlessly connect to modern Esterbrook Esties. Designed to replace the grip section of our pens, the Adaptor has been contoured to better replicate the grips of the 1950’s and 60’s. In turn, this means a more exact matching to vintage nibs and an altogether comfortable feel, no matter the nib. Better still, it is engineered to allow seamless ink flow from both the cartridge or nib converter.

      Please note: The MV adaptor is only compatible with the Estie and Oversized Estie models. It is not compatible with the JR or Camden models.

      No matter if you inherited a nib you love or found an interesting box at an antique store, you now have the opportunity to deepen your connection to pen history with Esterbrook.

      Below you will find how our friend The Snowy Studio used the MV Adaptor on three vintage nibs that she is fond of. By connecting the nibs to her modern Estie, she is bridging the gap between the past and present – and beautifully, we might add.

      How to Use the MV Adaptor

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      Esterbrook MV Adaptor
      Esterbrook MV Adaptor
      Esterbrook MV Adaptor
      Esterbrook MV Adaptor

      Esterbrook MV Adaptor