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      18-Karat Nibs are Here!

      Take Your Estie to a New Level

      Add a premium writing experience to your Esterbrook with an 18-karat gold nib!

      Using a gold fountain pen nib is a luxurious and rewarding experience for anyone who enjoys the art of handwriting. Gold nibs are favored by many fountain pen enthusiasts for their flexibility and responsiveness, which allows for a more personalized and expressive writing style.

      Introducing 18-Karat Nibs

      • Available in Gold Trim for all Estie models
      • Jowo #6
      • In a range of nib sizes (EF to Stub 1.1)
      • Already have an Estie you love? Upgrade it by just purchasing the nib!
      • Watch the video to learn more and see the pen in action!