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      Our Custom Nib Program

      Partnering with artisans has become an integral part of our business at Esterbrook. We work with acclaimed nibmeisters to design specialized nibs that resonate with the various writers in our community. Take a look below at the current offerings!

      Scribe Nib

      by Josh Lax

      A modified architect nib with thin downstrokes and thick cross-strokes. 

      Learn More

      Read our interview with Josh here

      Journaler Nib 

      by Gena Salorino

      A medium ground to a stub with wide down and thinner cross-strokes.

      Learn More

      Read our interview with Gena here

      Needle Point Nib

      by Kirk Speer

      A superfine point that's perfect for smaller writing 

      Learn More

      Read our interview with Kirk here

      Techo Nib

      by CY

      An adjusted Techo nib made exclusively by CY of Tokyo Station Pens

      Learn More

      Watch our interview with CY here