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      Welcome It-oya

      The Japanese market is likely one of the most thriving fountain pen communities in the world and Esterbrook now has a proud home at It-oya. We are proud to have this partnership, which has been a year in the making.  The It-oya company has a strong appreciation for aesthetically beautiful tools that enrich your time of creativity. Their aim is to offer products and a space that can make this creative cycle more beautiful and comfortable. 

      Visit It-oya to see the latest pens from Esterbrook, including the Estie and JR series. 

      In 1904, the history of Itoya began when the ever curious founder—Katsutaro Ito—first encountered items of stationery. Stationeries were just arriving in Japan at a time of great change. Wanting to introduce these stationeries to as many Japanese as possible, Katsutaro came upon the idea of opening a store in Ginza—then an up-and-coming part of Tokyo—and, through stationeries, of bringing in the efficient working style of the West which would increase the future potential of the Japanese. Since then, his curiosity has been inherited by us at Itoya where we continuously discover and offer ideas and tools that bring ease to one’s life, especially your creative life, as well as “new value one step ahead of the times”.