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      Peanuts and Esterbrook a mainstay of Americana


      Since 1966, Charles M. Schulzs most earnest Peanut character, Linus has been waiting for the Great Pumpkin. Peanuts fans take delight in watching him with Charlie Brown’s sister, Sally, hoping to see the Great Pumpkin rise on Halloween and fly around the pumpkin patch to bring candy and toys to all sincere and believing children. For decades, Linus and the rest of the Peanuts gang were drawn by the deft hand of Schulz, exclusively using his trusty Esterbrook fountain pen. In fact, so dedicated to Esterbrook was Schulz, that when his beloved Radio 914 nib was discontinued, he bought the rest up, using them in his drawings until his last comic strip was published in 2000. Twenty years later, we are all still enchanted by these iconic characters known the world over. And while their appeal is universal, the Peanuts and Esterbrook are a mainstay of Americana in the 1950’s and 1960’s and their story still captivates today.  Fans are still celebrating Halloween with the Peanuts, and many of them still honor Schulz by drawing his characters with an Esterbrook pen. Here, all the gang comes to life in the pumpkin patch using the Esterbrook Estie. Happy Halloween!

      Thank you to Vanessa Langton for sharing her artwork.

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      Schulz Family Intellectual Property Trust. Courtesy the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center. The cast of Peanuts. ©️ Peanuts