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       With this fall’s introduction of the Esterbrook Estie in Lilac, we are pleased to introduce our vendors and clients to Esterbrook’s new symbol, the Esterbrook Eternity. 

      The Eternity symbol is made up of two connected “E’’s. They have no beginning and no end. This represents a timeline of perpetuity, linking tradition and modernity, old and new, past and future, then and now. It serves as a reminder of the trailblazing spirit of the founder of Esterbrook, Richard Esterbrook. It champions facing the future with the same determination and tenacity he and those before us did. It’s a pledge to our admirers and enthusiasts that as they persist, so do we. 

      Esterbrook endures.

      The Eternity symbol will make its first appearance on the polishing cloth included with the Lilac Estie. Estie’s are known for their beautiful high polish and this polishing cloth will help you maintain that shine as your Estie becomes a treasured writing instrument and heirloom.

      The cloth is presented in Esterbrook signature red with the Eternity symbol repeated in continuum.

      As we release new Esterbrook models, the polishing cloths will be included as a testament that the principles inherent to the symbol are synonymous with the values of our brand. 

      The Eternity symbol will also appear on some of our new releases, featured as a logo on the tops of the pens. We will soon release The Camden, the first of our pens to include this new mark. We are excited to show it off to you.

      As we add value to our offerings, we look forward to sharing more with you about who we are and who we will be. 

      Esterbrook endures.