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      Introducing the 2GO CUP and Pen Rolls!

      Two New Products to Travel Anywhere

      We're inviting our community to journal on-the-go without worrying about their pens. From the office to a roadtrip, you can take your pens anywhere the day leads you.

      Product Features

      Pen Roll

      • Durable canvas exterior with contrast suede trim
      • Exterior outside pocket for pocket size journal
      • Soft suede interior lining. Available in three colors, including Army Green, Navy Blue and British Tan
      • Leather string wrap
      • Six slot pen holder for large and small size pens
      • Protective top flap cover to protect pens when rolled
      • Vintage Steel Pens logo patch

      2GO CUP

      • Durable canvas with soft suede interior lining.
      • Available in three colors, including Army Green, Navy Blue and British Tan
      • Magnetic snap closure with Eternity symbol stamping
      • Leather drawstring closure
      • Matching soft knit cover
      • Vintage Steel Pens logo patch
      • Six rigid suede pen slots
      • Flat bottom design for desk cup use
      • Fold over cover for desk display or take 2GO for travel

      Even the Packaging is Special!

      There are two special treats for those who purchase either the 2GO CUPand Pen Roll.

      First, don't throw away the paper band! Each band is perforated blotter paper as a little Easter Egg for customers. Also, there is a special sticker that commemorates and honors our writing community.

      A special thanks goes to Barbara Calzolari, who was a great inspiration and help for the overall design of this packaging and product. Barbara has a storied career in the fashion, art, design, and calligraphic space and we feel fortunate to include her among the many collaborators we have had over the years.

      Barbara's work has been seen throughout the world in a variety of settings. She was commissioned in 2008 to create a national anthems manuscripts for national dignitaries a gift from the prime minister of Italy. She has also worked on three copies of a manuscript book of letters of Catherine de’ Medici. Other projects that Barbara has lent her talents for include family trees, wedding signage, and storefront lettering.

      It is this extensive pedigree in art and design that we knew we had to find a way to work with Barbara. You will see touches of her distinct eye for color and personality on the packaging of this box. Thank you, Barbara, for your eye-catching inclusion in this project!

      To find out more about Babara, visit her website here, or follow her on Instagram.