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      Triangle Pen Show 2023

      The Triangle Pen Show is an annual event held in Raleigh, North Carolina, that attracts pen enthusiasts from around the world. The show brings together collectors, pen makers, and retailers to showcase their latest products, offer workshops, and connect with other members of the pen community. The event is a must-attend for anyone with an interest in fine writing instruments, from fountain pens to ballpoints, rollerballs, and pencils. The Triangle Pen Show features over 30 exhibitors, including some of the most prestigious pen makers and vintage pen dealers in the world. 

      Attendees can browse through an extensive selection of writing instruments, from vintage classics to the latest releases, and learn about the art and craft of pen-making through workshops and demonstrations. The event also offers a variety of other activities, including ink testing, pen repair services, and a raffle for a chance to win a coveted pen. The Triangle Pen Show is a unique opportunity for pen enthusiasts in an up-and-coming area to connect with like-minded individuals, expand their collections, and learn more about the world of fine writing instruments.

      Show Info:

      When: June 8-11, 2023
      Where: DoubleTree by Hilton 
      4810 Page Creek Lane
      Durham, NC 27703

      Dutch Pen Show

      The Dutch Pen Show is an annual event that brings together pen enthusiasts from all over the world. Held in the city of Utrecht, Netherlands, the show is a celebration of all things related to pens, from vintage ballpoints pens to modern fountain pens. The event features exhibitions and workshops, where attendees can learn about the history and craftsmanship of pens, as well as participate in hands-on activities. In fact, to celebrate our attendance this year at the show, we will be hosting three events during the show. You can find details of this below.

      One of the highlights of the Dutch Pen Show is the wide variety of pens that are on display. From limited-edition releases to rare vintage finds, attendees are sure to find something that catches their eye. In addition to pens, the show also features a range of related accessories, such as ink bottles, paper, and cases. The event is open to both beginners and seasoned collectors, making it a great place to learn more about the hobby and connect with like-minded individuals. Whether you are a casual pen user or a dedicated collector, the Dutch Pen Show is a must-visit event for anyone who appreciates the artistry and beauty of pens.

      Show Info:

      When: Sunday, June 4
      Where: Van der Valk Hotel 
      Winthontlaan 4-6 3526KV 
      Utrecht The Netherlands

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