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      The Palm Green JR is Esterbrook at its finest: gorgeous coloring, contemporary design, and vintage appeal. For every type of fountain pen user, it's a pen that's perfect for on-the-go style and a flair for design.

      Inspired by nature, this pen is a mixture of green acrylics with a complementary gold accent that stands out in any collection. More subtle than our Paradise line but still a pop of color, it's the perfect balance between fun and formal - which we think our Esterbrook community will love!

    • Acrylic body for longterm use and a pleasant writing experience
    • A gold-plated nib for a classic and stylish look
    • Hand-turned acrylic material, making for a unique blend of¬†green and¬†cream
    • Cartridge/Converter
    • Multiple nib options for any kind of writing style
    • ¬†

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