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      This collaboration celebrates the intersecting interests of our communities, uniting Esterbrook's pen-making heritage with Toyo Steel's innovative approach to storage solutions. It's a testament to our shared dedication to serving customers who value both beauty and functionality in their stationery choices.

      Toyo Steel's T-190 box, featuring a debossed Esterbrook logo and the vintage R. Esterbrook emblem in a vibrant Turtle Green color, offers a blend of robust utility and classic style. Each box includes an orange sticker, allowing for personal customization.

      As a limited production item the Toyo T-190 steel box are valuable additions to any collection, offering a unique blend of heritage and modern craftsmanship.


      • Outer size: W203xD109xH56mm
      • Inner size: W186xD88xH41mm
      • Texture: Matte
      • Material: Steel
      • Weight: 0.4kg
      • Country of Manufacture: Japan