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      Esterbrook va in Italia: Sponsoring Trust and Travel's Latest Retreat

      The experience of writing is often as important as the object one writes with. For us, there is no better partner in creating a sensory experience than Trust and Travel.

      If you are not familiar with the brand, Trust and Travel is the brainchild of writers Jade Moyano and Erin Rose Belair. Believing in the shared experience of creativity and a passion to live a writer's life, Jade and Erin have built destination retreats and workshops in some of the most beautiful locations in the world.

      Working with the team, Esterbrook has agreed to sponsor their latest event in Tuscany at the picturesque Villa Lena, a 19th century palazzo hidden in the hills of rural Italy. We are excited at the opportunity to provide a tool to help the retreat-goers express their creativity on paper one word at a time.

      To learn more about the event in Tuscany, please click here. This once-in-a-lifetime offering will help  you build a community while learning about yourself through poetry, yoga, and family-style meals to bookend the days.

      Images from previous retreats