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      We all love fun little elements that bring a touch of joy to our personal accessories. Look around and you’ll see people adding shiny metal clips, buttons and pins to their satchels, as they are familiar sites in our inked fountain pen world.  Another fun way to let people know that you’re part of the writing community is through stickers. We all love stickers! Especially the ones that add some color and cool connections with the brands we love. Well, you may be interested to know that our Esterbrook team and creative friends of the brand have developed some fun vintage inspired stickers. The designs are creative, colorful and perfect for your laptop, notebook or favorite park bench. The stickers are available the entire month of February through participating retailers – ask us!

      Notes on the sticker designs:

      The retro icons were originally created by Akanksha Adivarekar, as she helped us launch the “Vintage Soul” campaign when we relaunched the brand in 2018. It was Akay’s inspiration for each design which includes a locomotive, retro telephone, vintage car and more. The idea for the Vintage Soul campaign was developed in an effort to link the feeling of the Esterbrook brand and its long history. A connection to our past, so to speak.

      These retro icons seem to make people feel good and with some illustration refinement from Ana Reinhart at ” The Well Appointed Desk,” voila! We added some color and printed the stickers. We will offer the stickers for the month of February and then they too become a part of Esterbrook history.

      How you can acquire the stickers:

      1. Purchase an Estie from one of many Esterbrook authorized dealers and receive the complete pack of five stickers
      2. Purchase a Phaeton and receive one sticker which will be chosen at random


      For more information about Esterbrook and suggestions for where to buy, please contact us at info@esterbrookpens.com or call 516-741-0011