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      Our Interview with Federica Santaroni, the Artist Behind @feebujo and Our Latest Stamp Design!

      Frederica Santaroni’s work is intricate, thoughtful and mesmerizing. It’s no wonder that she has amassed a following on inspired individuals on her Instagram @feebujo . With this global perspective and eye for detail, we could think of no one better to collaborate on a new design for us.

      Frederica recently designed a passport stamp with us. We worked closely together to build an ink stamp that has old world charm and is a nod to the global community of Esterbrook fans. But it’s just as much form as it is function – the stamp doubles as a pen holder for your desk!

      But before we introduce our latest Passport Stamp, we should introduce Frederica properly. Katy Klassman’s interview is below where you’ll learn a bit about her process, her inspiration, and herself.

      When did you start drawing and making things with your hands?
      From an early age, I always loved to draw, I went to art school and I studied drawing & art so I’ve been drawing since I was very little.

      You have a very defined palette and aesthetic. How did it come together and how has it evolved? 
      I love flowers and everything related to nature. Some years ago I decided to incorporate this passion into my art and I started to draw flowers and plants. This was the beginning of my botanical art. Also, I love mixing fine lines with thick ones and this is one of my hallmarks.

      Who or what do you look to for inspiration?
      I always say I take inspiration everywhere, I can take inspiration during a walk in the park and also I can feel inspired by other artists. My inspiration is everywhere.

      What is your favorite flower and why?
      I love all flowers but I think my favorite is the sunflower. I love the colors, the posture of the flower. I think it’s a strong flower and then it's so beautiful!

      Where do you like to be when you are creating?
      I love drawing everywhere. I love drawing outdoors but also in my studio, on my desk, I think it depends on the time of year.

      What do you consider to be your most important tools for creating your work?
      For the drawings on paper I use many pens with different tips. I love the different pen strokes but lately I’m studying the drawings made only with pencil. I love growing and evolving my style. I have a little notebook where I'm drawing with just a pencil. Maybe I'll show it to my followers one day haha. For the digital illustration I use my iPad & my apple pencil.

      What is a project that you are most proud of or most excited about in the future?
      I'm so proud of my two books. Knowing you’re an author is…WOW. I never thought I’d create a book, let alone two! With two important publishing houses. I'm grateful for these type of opportunities that my work gives me. I'd love to create another book with an American publishing house, so if some publishing house in USA is interested, I'm here haha.

      Do you have a favorite garden or place to journal?
      My place is my studio. It is my little corner where I create and write.

      Do you have a favorite fountain pen?
      Oh, nice question! I love the stylographic pens with fine nibs. I don't have a favorite fountain pen. I love all the pens!

      If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
      Creative, too demanding with myself, and funny. 

      What makes you most happy, the first page of a new journal or the last page of a beloved one?
      Difficult answer, maybe the last page of a beloved one.