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      Aqua Fun 

      Aqua Embroidered Stickers

      Shimmering clear waters, swells and surges, seacoasts and a stroll down a wooden planked boardwalk. The shores of New Jersey exude the spirit of the sea in the summer months.

       To celebrate the arrival of the season and the Esterbrook Estie Aqua, we’re bringing a bit of the sea to your summer and your notebooks, backpacks, pen cases and jackets. Introducing our exclusive Esterbrook embroidered patches. Our four, friendly, fountain pen loving sea creatures exude the same fun and frolic of a day at the beach.

       Meet this cast of characters from the Esterbrook estuary that we’ve created for your own creative expression: Patience the turtle, a splash of ink accompanied by an equally inky octopus, a sensational seahorse and a sweet seashell anchored to the ocean floor are at the ready for your delight and decorating. Think go-karts, saltwater taffy, arcade games, rollercoasters, frozen custard, and a round of miniature golf, as you add these cute creatures to your daily carry and attire.

       They’re just here for the summer, so grab these cute creatures before they head back out to sea.

      MSRP $17.95 - set of four