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      In collaboration with Day Art Store and Science Notes, Esterbrook presents another exciting solution to personalize your writing experience—an exclusive Nouveau Bleu Wax Seal Stamp Set. All components arrive a giftable box that features original artwork by Debra Dick. This set contains three interchangeable brass heads that easily thread on to a Nouveau Bleu resin handle. Choose from the iconic Esterbrook Nib logo, Eternity Symbol, or a cheeky Sealed with Love expression to seal an envelope and decorate journal entries. Add feathers, ribbon, dried flowers, and more to jazz up your wax seal stamp creations. Using this wax seal set is easy. Simply light the included wax stick with a match or a lighter, hold the stick at an angle, and allow the wax to drip onto a flat paper surface. Next, press the brass head into the hot wax, allow the wax to cool, and gently lift the stamp. With fewer than 200 pieces and an MSRP of $125, the Nouveau Bleu set will not last long!