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      The unsung heroes of the pen community, nibmeisters build their skill over years of training and persistence. Not unlike a Jedi, if you think about it. That’s why this year, Esterbrook is introducing the inaugural NIB WARS at the D.C. Pen Show.

      Join us on Friday, August 5 at 9:15 pm to watch four nib grinders go head-to-head. The competitors will include Anabelle Sophie Hiller, Joshua Lax, CY, and Kirk Speer. During this competition, the nibmeisters will participate in three rounds, each round tasking the competitor to execute a specific nib grind. The panel of judges includes Cary Yeager, Azizah of Gourmet Pens, and Barry Gabay. The event will be hosted by longtime friends of the brand, Katy Klassman and Katy Palmisano.

      Come join the late-night fun during the D.C. show and see who takes home the crown (and an Estie!) as the winner. Light refreshments will be provided – lightsabers are optional.

      Registration is free to attend this event. To register, click the link below.

      During the show, we will host a charity raffle for the pen and nib that show attendees would like to win. All proceeds from this raffle will go to a Ukrainian relief charity, with donations matched by Kenro Industries.