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      Introducing Our Estie Sunflower!

      As the winter months approach, we think everyone can use a little sunshine in their lives right now and there's no better place to have it than on your desk. Introducing the newest limited edition color to our line of Esties, the Sunflower.

      The speckled acrylic blends beautifully into flecks of sunshine on the barrel of this pen, making it a unique and welcomed edition. With the popularity of the Paradise line of JR's, we wanted to have something just as fitting for their cousins, the Estie. 

      What's more, this particular pen hold even more meaning for us, as this is the commemorative pen to celebrate Fountain Pen Day's 10th anniversary. The bold yellow design and cheery color reminds us very much of the welcoming and warm community that we are all a part of!

      To learn more about the Sunflower Estie, click here or shop directly below.