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      Estie Peacock 

      To illuminate the magnificent colors of the peacock, the Diamondcast material for these writing instruments was developed in collaboration with McKenzie Penworks and gleams just like the glimmering feathers of this majestic bird.

      Accutron by Esterbrook fountain pen collaboration

      Accutron by Esterbrook

      Accutron and Esterbrook.The DNA is the same. Two founders from across the Atlantic, settled in the North East. Guided by ingenuity and the spirit of innovation, they both pursued excellence. Their brands represented what was beloved about the past and the great possibilities of the future.

      Esterbrook Celebrates Fountain Pen Day

      Esterbrook celebrates Fountain Pen Day 2020 Started in 2012 by Cary Yeager, Fountain Pen Day is celebrated annually on the first Friday in November. It is a celebratory day for fountain pen enthusiasts to embrace, promote and share…