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      Introducing CANDY

      Some bonbons beg to be taken seriously and our newest Estie is just such a confection.

      Introducing the limited edition and most special of sweets, the Esterbrook Estie Candy. Candy was concocted in our kitchens (okay, we don’t really have kitchens, but you get the point,) using an extraordinary hand-blended Diamondcast blank made by McKenzie Penworks.

      What makes this material so different from the rest? A scientific treasure 200 years in the making. That blue you see is no ordinary blue, but YInMn Blue, a 2009 discovery that made history for being the first natural blue found in over two centuries. We love it because of its glorious vibrancy. The world loves it because it’s a true blue, from the earth, and isn’t toxic. Not poisonous and gorgeous, it doesn’t get much better than that. It’s become so popular that the demand exceeds its availability (this is a rare pigment, indeed,) but we have a bit and now you can, too.

      And if that wasn’t enough, for your next party trick, this pen glows under black light.

      This frothy and fun, luscious and lollipop-like Estie is available from our retail partners all over the globe, and we couldn’t be more excited to have our Candy Estie out in the world, bringing a little bit of its magic to your pages and pen collections.

      Candy is available in Fountain Pen, Oversize Fountain Pen and Rollerball. 

      All models have our proprietary cushion cap closure and for extra measure we trimmed it in gold for a finishing touch that truly makes this pen a golden ticket.


      Being fortunate to work along side creatives is an integral part of our design process. For Candy, we were inspired by Vanessa Langton and Maria Funk.

      In 2020, we had a promotional contest to help Esterbrook design their next Estie. Vanessa, a longtime contributor and pen enthusiast who runs the Youtube Channel Pen Gangsta, submitted the concept of Candy. From there, we built upon the idea, using a series of luxury materials to produce what ultimately became the current interpretation of Candy. We're thrilled to have had Vanessa's creative mind for this concept and now see it come to life!

      You'll so see some confectionary goodness on this page and that is courtesy of Maria Funk of @frau_buchstab. We had previously worked with Maria for the Sunflower launch and felt her style would be a great addition to the creative for Candy. Aren't these little candies just the sweetest?

      And last but certainly not least, we were lucky to collaborate with Janet Klein of Vera Lane Studio on the adorable characters she designed for this launch. You can read our interview with Janet here.