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      Tips for choosing your 
      estie fountain pen 

      Some help in simplifying your decision


      Welcome to the wonderful world of Estie fountain pens. With so many variations to choose from, this guide may help you to narrow down what pen combinations would be best for your personal expression. The options are endless, so let's get started! 


      Estie works like this.. You can choose from the core range, which includes the Tortoise, Cobalt Blue, Black and Honeycomb. These are staple finishes in the collection. There are also seasonal Estie that are extensions to the core range, like Evergreen, Maraschino and Lilac. These have one production and ultimately sell out in a short period of time, adding to appreciation and collectibility. Of course, you must also consider the premier range Estie from models like Sparkle, Rocky Top and Peacock. Estie in this class feature specialized materials, production, polishing and other unique elements. These pens come at a higher cost, but also interest.

      Choose your trim

      Which nib trim do you prefer—gold or silver? Based on the trim selection you choose; the rest of your pen will also have gold or silver components to match your nib. Consider that the clip, nib and accents will all have consistent finishing. Most Estie models are available in both gold and silver trim, so find the color and trim that best fits your taste. 

      Size matters! 

      The Estie can be considered in two sizes, including the traditional and the oversize. They are relatively close in size and shape, but if you're one who prefers to post your cap to the back of the pen, then you'll have to choose the traditional size. If you prefer a little more girth to your pen, then the oversize just might be for you. Here are the traditional model specs: Measurements: 5.9″ closed, 5″ open, 6.7″ posted oversize specs: 6.0 closed 5.2" open - does not post

      Let's get to the point

      Let us look at the heart of the fountain pen—the nib. Finding a nib that suits your handwriting, will make the most of your experience with your fountain pen.
      Choosing a nib size can involve your handwriting style. Do you tend to write with small lettering? Then an extra-fine or fine nib might be best suited for you. Or is your handwriting large? In that case, a broad nib might be well suited for you. If you fall somewhere in the middle and your handwriting is not too big nor is it small, then you might opt for a medium nib. Perhaps you want to add a bit of flair to your writing. Then a stub nib will be the perfect option for your needs.
      See our Nib Guide by clicking the image

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