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      The Writing Corner: Industry News Around the World!

      The stationery community is a wide and varied place and it's our job to keep a pulse on what's new and what's happening. If you're a veteran collector or just someone who is brand new to pens, we've curated this email to keep you informed on the latest in our industry. 

      Hobonichi's Release is the "Black Friday of Stationery"

      Earlier this month, Hobonichi released their collection for 2023. As no surprise to those tapped into the stationery community, the release quickly took over social media - and stationery retailers had to keep up!

      We spoke with Brendan at Atlas Stationers in Chicago, we got to understand the enormity of the Hobonichi craze that we've seen an uptick in the last few years. Now that retailers in the U.S. are stocking Hobonichi and domestic customers don't have to order directly from Japan, it's made the brand more accessible and widened the audience pool immensely, but has also meant that each release is the "Black Friday of Stationery" as Brendan put it.

      In fact, immediately following the release, there were thousands of orders, with hundreds of customers included on a waitlist for Atlas, showing that this is just the beginning of Hobonichi's takeover within the U.S. and we're loving the reignited passion in the journaling community that's evident with the reaction to Hobonichi's September release. What we're seeing in the community is growth, opening up possibilities for the uninitiated to learn and make friends - and this is the hallmark of what our community is all about!

      A Month of Shows!

      We just got back from the inaugural Orlando Pen Show. It was amazing to see such a great turnout for the first year and we're excited to see this Pen Show grow! We noticed an uptick in a younger generation of pen enthusiasts. We were able to show off our Flex nib in person and see some of our friends, including Brad at the Pen Addict and Vanessa! Check our calendar to see us in Boston this weekend and Dallas after that!

      Stay Flexible

      The Estie FLEX has been a big hit already and we hope to keep the momentum going! Being apart of our core line-up of nibs means it's in stock and ready to ship when you place the order. People love the FLEX for its versatility, line variation, and it's just fun to write this!

      Kings - They're Just Like Us!

      While many of us won't be sitting on a throne anytime soon, it's good to know that a leaky pen is such a universal frustration. If you haven't seen the clip, watch it now and have a laugh.

      Drop element here!