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      No one knows exactly when the first story was told, but cave drawings suggest that it was thousands of years ago. As humans, it is in our nature to tell stories as a way to share parts of ourselves, to evoke emotions and empathy.

      When describing the hobby of collecting pens, “the people” is often given as the reason enthusiasts give for gravitating towards it.

      Like an epic story, pen collecting is full of interesting narratives, history and a cast of characters that truly make it a special pastime.

      As our brand has its own rich history, we wanted to introduce you to some of the storytellers that inspire us when they use our pens to weave their tales.

      This series is our way of sharing them with the pen community in the hopes that they will inspire you to create new stories to add to ours.

      Esterbrook endures.

      Our Host

      Katy’s love of writing instruments starts forty plus years ago with her Grandmother and Father who were always up for a trip to the art supply or office supply store. A pencil lover most of her life, she discovered fountain pens four years ago when she moved from Chicago to Washington, DC. She has been doing her best to make up for lost time by going to meetups, pen shows and scouring the internet to learn about her new favorite writing instrument. After volunteering with us at the DC Pen Show, Katy offered her copywriting services when we were just starting to tell the Esterbrook story. She has been our friend and storyteller since. When she isn’t writing copy for brands that she loves, she is most likely at her boutique, Upstairs on 7th, which she owns with her Mom. Katy can be found on IG @ayearincolor.

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