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      Introducing Rainforest

      Our latest limited-edition pen


      There is something magical about tropical rainforests. They’re secluded, mysterious, and teeming with life. At every turn – from under a leaf to in a tree branch, one can find an entirely new ecosystem to explore.

      As the weather gets warmer, we’re thinking of warmer days ahead and the adventures that come with them. With that, we’re excited to introduce you to our latest limited-edition Estie, the Rainforest. With its accents of greens and golds, this is a pen that not only looks beautiful, but is a constant reminder of the beauty that surrounds us throughout the world.

      A Pen Designed with You in Mind

      Looking to add to your collection? Looking to make the jump into luxury pens? Either way, this Estie is the right choice for you.

      • Acrylic body for longterm use and a pleasant writing experience
      • A variety of writing modes, including fountain pen, ballpoint, and rollerball as well as Regular and Oversized
      • Over 10 nib options for any kind of writing style
      • Our proprietary cushion-cap closure keep the point wet and ready to use

      The Right Pen for the Way You Write!


      Since 1858, we've been America's choice for luxury writing utensils


      Each component of our pens are quality-tested to ensure a lifetime of use


      We've built a global community of enthusiasts and invite you to follow along

      Celebrating Nature

      Our acrylic blend perfectly matches the greenery of a tropical rainforest, making this an ideal pen for anyone who values the natural world and all the beauty that comes with it.

      Meet Alán

      We partnered with sketch artist, Alán Ramiro of @seethelines for this launch. Ramiro travels the world, finding inspiration in his travels and has lent his talents to the journal pages shown in the photos below.