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      Product Range

      The Estie

      Short for Esterbrook, the Estie has been our most ambitious launch since bringing Esterbrook back to life. Released originally in five colors and two sizes, over the past two years we have continuously launched seasonal color offerings and added a third pen size to the range. With the Estie, which was designed to be the right pen for the way you write, we have unlimited options for colors and materials and consider it a real cornerstone for what we do.

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      The Camden

      Named for the city where Richard Esterbrook settled his company, the Camden Collection speaks to a time in the 1930’s when Camden, NJ was at its most prosperous and home to some of the most important innovations of its day. Perhaps most famously, it was the birthplace of RCA Victor where, in 1933, an experimental TV station broadcast would be the first signs of technology that would ultimately eclipse the radio. As RCA was producing millions of records, Esterbrook was producing millions of pens.

      Made of lightweight anodized aluminum, the Camden was designed for comfort, balance and everyday writing.

      It has a chic, matte finish, available in three colors: Rose, Silver and Graphite, all with silver trim
      All Camden’s come with a Schmidt German nib and converter and are offered as fountain pen in nib sizes EF through Broad and as a rollerball. 

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      The Phaeton

      As we scoured the archives of Esterbrook pens, we saw many features from previous generation Esterbrooks that we wanted to make a part of the new Esterbrook.

      Our first vintage inspired pen is the Phaeton.

      With a hooded nib and a plunger fill system, the Phaeton has all of the features of an older pen with the all of the benefits of being new.

      Available in four colors with a medium nib, the Phaeton is a perfect introduction to the new Esterbrook line-up or for those new to fountain pens, in general. 

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      JR Rocket Pen

      The “J” was Esterbrook’s sleek and suave, classic pocket pen that appealed to the practicality of the times. It was a perfect pen for both men and women, and we think it still is today.

      Our revival of this 1940’s and 50’s pen has all of the hallmarks of its predecessor, with a few new bells and whistles.

      Mirroring the original “J”’s production, our new version is offered in three colors: Tuxedo Black, Carmine Red and Denim Blue. Tuxedo and Carmine shine bright in Silver trim and Denim gleams in Gold.

      It’s our new take on the small, but mighty pocket pen.
      Esterbrook endures.

      The new “JR” is stylish and refined without being too fancy. It’s meant to match your style, as well as it graces your hand. With a refined design, that isn’t fussy, it is compact in size, so you can always have one on hand in your jeans or shirt pocket, purse, or briefcase. It can be with you on the go, wherever you go.

      And since we hope you’ll hold onto it forever, both the German Schmidt nib and the top of the pen have been engraved with the Esterbrook Eternity symbol.

      It’s our new take on the small, but mighty pocket pen. 

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