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      Paperworld 2022 is Almost Here!

      An American company with a global audience, Esterbrook prides itself on having build a worldwide community of pen enthusiasts who love our brand as much as we do! In September, we launched our Passport Series, a campaign on Instagram to spotlight some of our community members in other countries. We have fans from Fiji to Florida, from Istanbul to Ireland and we want to give each and every member of our community a voice.

      Meet the Brand!

      For many, Esterbrook remains part of the American imagination. Since 1858, we have been building a better pen. But, what many may not know, the Esterbrook we know today was resurrected in 2014. Since then, we have mixed American heritage with modern designs to create a global community that's enriched with creativity and design.

      Meet the Team!

      The Esterbrook team is looking forward to meeting many of our international counterparts in Frankfurt! While most of us had to put a pause on travel over the last few years, we know that nothing beats a face-to-face meeting to get to know the people behind the emails, texts, and Whatsapp messages. We can't wait to say hi (socially-distanced, of course!) and get to know you a little more!

      See What's New!

      The pipeline of products for 2022 is looking strong and we want to showcase what's new at Frankfurt. Our top-selling line of pens, the Estie, will feature heavily at the show, while we also will be leaning into desktop accessories and pen holders in the new year. We are striving to ensure our booth is a representation of our brand and we hope the products we showcase will help you fall in love with our pens as thousands of others have!

      Build Lasting Relationships!

      We wouldn't be where we are today without a global community of supporters. At Paperworld, we are most excited to make new connections that will be long-lasting relationships. The pen community is a special place and we never take these relationships for granted!

      Will you be at the show? Fill out this form so we can schedule some time at our booth with you!