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      Creating Every Day Art

      Pen people see the world differently - and that’s a very good thing. Many would pass over a notebook and not see the full potential of its pages. But pen people? They see each page as a canvas, an entire universe of possibilities that await when nibs, ink, stickers, and stamps come together.

      It’s a wonderful thing in our community to see how pen enthusiasts use their resources to create their art. Whether it’s bold splashes of ink on paper to intricate calligraphy, everyone has the potential to be their own artist and, by extension, create the beauty in the world they want to see. That, to us, is a magical quality that’s not easily replicated in other industries.

      To create art is to give others inspiration and we are constantly inspired by our community and we hope to inspire you all as well. We hope that, in sharing some of our creators, we can encourage you to take a moment for yourself and create something beautiful. Because, right now, who couldn’t use a little self-care?

      We were inspired ourselves today in looking at Chris of @blue_penchant's page. Her work highlights the creativity of our community beautifully and you can see, in every photo, a deep passion for taking a moment for herself and making the world a little more beautiful through her posts.

      Below are a few of our favorite images that inspired us this week. You can shop the images below if you like any of the pens featured!

      Esterbrook Estie Nouveau Bleu


      Esterbrook Estie Sea Glass


      Esterbrook Estie Scarlet