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      Introducing OKTOBERFEST!

      Who would have thought that wedding ceremony nearly 200 years ago would become a worldwide celebration of family, feasting, and good beer?

      Well, that’s exactly what happened with Oktoberfest! A holiday best described as an annual food festival, Oktoberfest’s roots began in Munich, Germany as a multi-day celebration between Bavaria’s Crown Prince Ludwig and his bride, Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen.

      Since then, the annual 2-week celebration has captured the Bavarian spirit of the region and has enamored Americans and Europeans alike.

      Today, Oktoberfest is one-part beer fest, one-part carnival, and one-part display of German heritage. During this time, south-east Germans in the Bavarian region of Germany can be found dancing, celebrating, and generally enjoying the convivial spirit of the holiday season. From beer to bratwurst, pretzels to pilsner, the culinary delights and traditional costumes of the holiday make for a memorable time.

       It made sense for our Fall release to design a pen that’s reminiscent of the glorious harvest-time of the autumnal season. The Camden model was the perfect canvas for a stacked acrylic design of amber, red, and greys which can quench your thirst and get you in the mood for more celebrations to come.

       Available in gold and palladium trim, this pen will be in both rollerball and fountain pen models. Nib sizes range from our standard line (EF-B) as well as custom nibs (Journaler, Scribe, and Needlepoint). See below for more details and click the button below to buy now!