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      Our Most Popular Pen: Refreshed

      The Nouveau Bleu remains one of the top-selling pens with Esterbrook. Take a look as to why that is!

      Art Nouveau Heritage

      The inspiration of this pen is the Art Nouveau movement which inspired and delighted a generation of creatives in the early 20th Century

      Handsome & Unique

      The mixture of blues, browns, and black give this pen a timeless quailty that's perfect for any gentleman to enjoy.

      Why the Estie?

      The Esterbrook Estie has become a global favorite among pen enthusiasts for its streamlined design and characterful detailing which harkens back to our vintage roots, while still being a premium pen for the modern user.

      Fountain Pens that Delight

      With over 10 nib varieties to choose from, there's something for everyone.

      Ballpoint & Rollerball

      A rollerball fan? Buying a ballpoint for someone else? We've got you covered.