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      Nib Guide 

      One of the joys of loving fountain pens is that there are so many choices when it comes to the color, shape, size of the pen, etc. On the flip side, one of the challenges of being a fountain pen enthusiast is that there are the same amounts of choices. So many options and only so many words and pages to write (not that this ever stopped a pen lover from acquiring another pen, mind you). But now add choosing a nib size to suit your handwriting style and the benefits and difficulties of narrowing down what might suit you best become even more complex.

      Most pen aficionados will tell you that it took some time to discover the nib that made their penmanship sing. For many, nib size is determined by how their handwriting looks on the page and for others it is how the width of the nib feels when they write. 

      The following chart provides many of the common requisites that pen lovers look for when selecting a nib that is right for them. While this is no way comprehensive, we hope it can be used as a starting point when purchasing your next Esterbrook!

      NibsHandwriting Size?Notebook and Paper Preference?Does the Ink Sheen/Spread?Good for Everyday Use?*
      Stub 1.1LargeMedium/LargeYesNo

      *Of course you can use any nib every day, but this speaks to the usage itself - are you taking notes and journaling daily? You may want a nib that's more convenient for quick writing and scrawling

      Still Can't Decide?

      Lucky for you, Esterbrook's nibs are easily interchangeable, so if you realize you want to try out another style, you have the freedom to switch out your nibs. You can view and purchase available nibs via our shop here.
      Are you a fan of vintage nibs? Did you know that in Esterbrook's heyday, there were over 250 nibs on the market? If you happen to own a vintage nib, why not pick up our MV Adaptor? Specially engineered to fit our Estie, this adaptor gives you even more freedom to write with your beloved vintage nib. Get yours here

      Writing Samples with Nibs