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      The name "Nebulous Plume" evokes a sense of wonder and exploration. It conjures up images of vast, uncharted galaxies and the possibility of new discoveries. This is exactly the kind of storytelling that Esterbrook and Ferris Wheel Press are known for.

      Our Most Adventurous Pen Yet.

      The Nebulous Plume is where world collide, bringing together the best of Ferris Wheel Press and Esterbrook into one keepsake pen.

      • Gold plated nib with FWP and Esterbrook engraving is available in EF, F, M, B and Stub 1.1.
      • Cartridge converter fill.
      • Limited to just over 1000 units worldwide.
      • Custom blended Nebulous Plume ink.
      • First collaboration of its kind in the writing industry.
      • DiamondCast six color blended material.
      • Wax casted ring featuring FerrisTales insignia and stargazing elements.

      Ready for Take-Off

      Step into the world of boundless imagination and endless possibilities with the unveiling of the Nebulous Plume, an extraordinary limited-edition fountain pen brought to you by the visionary collaboration between the Esterbrook Pen Company and Ferris Wheel Press.

      Prepare to embark on a voyage of creativity as you uncover the hidden wonders of the Nebulous Plume, the manifestation of a truly remarkable partnership that pushes the boundaries of imagination and storytelling in the writing industry. Are you ready to unleash the infinite power of your words?