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      Rants of the Archer Reviews the MV Adaptor

      When I was new to fountain pens in 2008, I saw many pens from the senior members of our local pen group. There were colorful modern pens and unique vintage pens that fascinated me then. Two brands—Lamy, a modern, and Esterbrook, a vintage, really stood out for me and it's quite interesting how the two pens share a common feature that is practical and useful: their interchangeable nibs. I got several Esterbrook Js then and had a couple of nibs to fit into the pens. It was fun! 
      However, modern pens with easier filling mechanisms suited my daily writing habits, and I placed my vintage Esties in storage. The vintage nibs that I love also went to storage, including the smooth 1551 medium Student nib and the wet and smooth 9968 broad nibs. But then something wonderful happened. The new Esterbrook Pen Company invented a tool that takes modern to vintage in just a couple of turns—the Esterbrook MV Nib Adaptor. Now I can enjoy writing with my vintage Esterbrook nibs again using my modern Esterbrook pens! Brilliant!