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      Meet the Illustrator Behind Our Holiday Story!

      Megan Lutz is an artist whose work we have long admired and are happy to have collaborated with her on our Christmas project. You can find out more about Megan below and make sure to follow her on Instagram!

      Please tell me a little about yourself. What is your professional job? Are you a full-time artist? How did you make the transition to full-time work, if so?
      My name is Megan Lutz and I’m a self-taught independent illustrator. Art has been a life long love of mine. Although I never went to school for art, I’ve always drawn and strove for better. During lockdown I doubled my efforts by taking online classes, experimenting and posting some of my work. Eventually I started to get some commissions here and there. I’m still working on growing my career as an artist, but I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to do what I love for a living.

      Have you used fountain pens in the past for your work?
      I use fountain pens, specifically an Esterbrook vintage 9128 flexible nib, in almost all of my work. As an artist I’ve used a lot of disposable technical pens over the years and that never sat well with me. I figured there had to be more sustainable tools out there. Eventually I stumble upon fountain pens. They’re the perfect blend of function, versatility and beauty, not to mention the amazing community surrounding them. What’s not to love?

      Do you have any advice for young artists starting out?
      Carry some paper and a pen with you at all times. Instead of scrolling on your phone to pass the time, draw whatever is around you. Always be practicing. Always be challenging yourself.

      How did you first hear about Esterbrook? Do you have a favorite pen of ours?
      A couple years back a friend and self-proclaimed fountain pen geek gifted me with a bunch of vintage Esterbrook pens that needed repair. So I fixed them up and they quickly became my favorite pens to sketch and ink final drawings with, but I was hesitant to bring them on outings. When I discovered Esterbrook had made the MV Converter I was so excited that I ordered one immediately. My Estie Blueberry fitted with a 9128 vintage nib has been my constant sketching companion ever since and now the Estie Scarlet has joined the ranks.

      When Esterbrook reached out with this assignment, what was your process for creating the graphic?
      When Bryan reached out to me for this assignment I tried to really listen. That’s what a good illustrator should do. He had a story around Esterbrook and the holidays that was being developed. He was really excited about an illustration of mine he’d seen on Instagram and wanted to see if we could create something magical for the fountain pen community this holiday season. As the story was developed I did a lot of research, including sketching mice at a local pet shop. There was also a lot of preliminary sketches. I wanted to make sure Bryan and his team got exactly what they were looking for and a little extra. It was a fun process and I hope that’s reflected in the work.