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      We hope that the below information will assist in your individual marketing efforts. Simply click the below information and you will have access to photos and copy that can be utilized however best you sit fit.

      Thank you for being partners with Esterbrook!

      Patience the Tortoise

      Download Marketing Materials

      Nouveau Bleu Estie

      Download Marketing Materials

      Place your orders now but please keep this item private until release date of September 30th. 

      Opening orders will receive a custom Nouveau Bleu writing journal with a custom design inspired by Alphonse Mucha.

      NOOK (now in British Tan!)

      Download Marketing Materials

      JR Paradise

      Download Marketing Materials

      We are currently out of stock, but will have new inventory at the end of September.

      Be on the lookout for our Pumpkin Latte edition Estie, arriving in October.

      Estie Sea Glass

      Download Marketing Materials

      We are currently out of stock on a few styles, but will have more inventory in October.

      We currently have the Oversized FP with Gold available, as well as Ballpoint in both trims.