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      Introducing the Estie Ebonite!

      Esterbrook has long been about innovation, but we look to the past to create many of our pens. One such inspiration from the past is the use of ebonite. Popular in the first half of the 20th Century, ebonite had properties that made it particularly appealing to writers: it was lightweight, well-balanced, and has a "warm" feel to it that is different than a resin or metal pen. Being derived from a hard rubber, it is also incredibly durable with prolonged use.

      These features appealed to us and today we are thrilled to announce the latest in our collection, the Estie Ebonite! 

      Each pen from this collection has the same craftsmanship of our mainstay Estie line, but with the added benefit of ebonite. We worked with a world-leading manufacturer to create color options using handcrafted materials to produce top-quality options for you. What's more, this collection gives you the unique opportunity to select the pen that's right for you. You can choose between two color options (Blackberry and Parrot), as well as the option to upgrade to a 18-carat gold nib from the Premium line. 

      Because this is a limited production of 25 pens for each color, we're also letting you choose the serial number from the production! The Premium 18k nibs will run 000-003, while the Standard option will run 004-025.

      One of our most exciting, enticing, and exclusive launches yet, the Estie Ebonite collection harkens back to the past while making a pen for the modern writer. Buy today, cherish for years, and see why ebonite has been a luxury material for penmaking for more than a century.

      Take Your Pick!

      American Heritage, Unparalleled Beauty