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      Cosmic Wine is Out of This World!

      The Italians have a saying - la dolce vita . It's a way of living, appreciating the finer things in life and making it as sweet as can be. We tend to agree that the best days are ones filled with pleasure and the best pens we make represent that same philosophy. That's why we're happy to introduce our latest Estie, Cosmic Wine. This release is the fourth in our Sparkle edition, following Tanzanite, Montana Sapphire and Garnet red. Like the others, Cosmic Wine is limited to Oversize FP.

      Made with DiamondCast, this pen is an elegant representation of long walks in the vineyard and picnics in the Summer. A deep burgundy body sparkles against the gold trim, giving this pen a luxurious feel while still being a pen you want to use every day.

      Click the button below to purchase your Cosmic Wine! Each purchase comes with a set of wine charm-inspired clips!

      Cosmic Accessories

      Keeping with the theme, we invited Florence-based artist Betty Soldi to design creative assets which we turned into wine charms and washi tape for this launch! As mentioned, each purchase of the Cosmic Wine pen comes with a set of clips, but you can also buy them - or the tape -  using the links below! 

      Wine Charm Paper Clips

      Click here to purchase

      Themed Washi Tape

      Click here to purchase

      About the Artist - Betty Soldi

      Our graphics were created in partnership with designer, calligrapher, and artist Betty Soldi. Betty is a Florence-based artist whose work has inspired us for many years and we have been fortunate to partner with her previously. Her designs were used for the packaging, clips, washi tape, and more!

      To learn more about this remarkable artist, you can visit her website or her Instagram.