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      Esterbrook Heymatthew Collaboration

      Matthew Morse has over 15 years’ experience in print and digital design and illustration with a strong focus on the publishing industry. As a book cover designer, he won a first place award at the New York Book Show in 2017 for custom illustration and He holds multiple Addy awards and a Spark award for innovation on various campaigns in Charleston, South Carolina.

      When he’s not busy creating excellent brand strategies or creative content, you can find him chasing a toddler, crooning about hobbies on The Bent Tines Podcast or snuggling a large hound dog.



      For an added twist to our first seasonal “JR” pens, the Paradise Collection, we invited our good friend graphic designer Matthew Morse AKA @heymatthew to create a set of enamel trading pins to commemorate our three new pens.. Known for his whimsical designs that have been featured on book covers, logos, and sold out before you’ve blinked rollerball pens, we thought he was just the guy to illustrate everything you need for a trip to Estie Paradise.

       estie colada pin

      The set of  five pins can be pinned to your pen cases, jean jackets, bookbags, and baseball caps, all together or one at a time. Featuring the Esterbrook “JR” Paradise pens, our eternity logo, the Estiecolada, a technicolor parrot  and a pair of too cool for school shades, these pins are as fleeting as the summer, so you’d best act quick before they become a collector’s item and you’re left wasted away without them. Oh, and to shake things up and make it even more fun, each set of pins will have a random color of the sunglasses pin included, so you’ll want to collect all three to have a truly complete set, or trade for your favorite. limited to 500 sets - msrp $25.

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       Paradise Pin set image with card