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      Happy Fountain Pen Day from all of us at Esterbrook to you!

      Nine years of Fountain Pen Day is cause for celebration! Started in 2012 by Cary Yeager, Fountain Pen Day is celebrated annually on the first Friday in November. It is a celebratory day for fountain pen enthusiasts to embrace, promote and share the use of fountain pens.
      Though this year’s first Friday in November may look a little bit different (Zoom Fountain Pen Day meetups all over the globe!) the sentiment is still the same.
      To celebrate Fountain Pen Day 2020, we wanted to create something special. Our writing community loves washi tape, so we decided to make our own!
      We’ve commemorated our most popular Estie’s: Evergreen, Honeycomb, Lilac and Maraschino in washi tape, complete with the Fountain Pen Day logo! It can be used in your journals, planners and notebooks, for making ephemera, letter writing and any other way it sparks your creativity.

      Available while supplies last.

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