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      Esterbrook Under The Tuscan Sun 

      Who We Are
      Hey there! I’m going to take a quick second and introduce myself because I’m new here and I’m pretty thrilled about it. My name is Erin Rose and I am the co-founder of Trust and Travel, a women’s destination creative writing retreat. And yes, it’s as dreamy as it sounds. We host retreats around the world 4 times a year that take us to private beaches in Nicaragua, historic fincas in the hills of Mallorca, and most recently into the lush green hills of Tuscany, Italy.

      Once we reach these destinations (that have been carefully selected and curated by us) we spend the next week indulging in a sensory experience of organic meals, lounging near some body of water, drinking wine, and of course engaging in twice daily writing workshops across genres from traveling writing to poetry and short stories. It’s an absolute time, every time.

      The Tuscany Retreat
      So, here we are now. The Tuscany Retreat just wrapped in May and it was possibly one of our favorite events yet. Set in the Tuscan hills at the iconic Villa Lena. Imagine sprawling grounds with spring wild flowers and greenery everywhere, an adorable pool, bar, restaurant serving farm to table organic meals, luxe rooms with heated floors, incredible views, and of course the original pink villa perched in the center of the property, home to the current artists in residence on the property.

      As our guests arrived they found in their room their Estie Esterbrook Pens alongside their new journals and Trust and Travel totes. I was looking for something luxurious as gifts and I’ve been swooning over Esterbrook pens for a long time now so it goes without saying that this was an absolute dream partnership for us.

      The Magic
      Tuscany was magic. There was a certain glow in the air and we were blessed with perfect weather. We spent every morning doing our morning pages while sipping cappuccinos and eating fresh croissants. It was such a treat for me to look at our writers and see them using their Estie pens. Not only did they make every photo gorgeous, they were like our magical wands. They ferried us through our most personal writing, a tool we used to actualize grief, love, travel, and new dreams.Because the thing is they’re not just pens, they’re so much more than beautiful objects (although yes they are beautiful and write like a silky dream) but they’re a reminder that the writing we do is worth something. THey are a token to take ourselves seriously as creatives and they tell us that we are writers, that we are here, and that is also beautiful.

      Photos courtesy of Gina Spinelli

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