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      The Accutron Estie: A Stellar Partnership

      An inherent dedication to craftsmanship is the through line between Esterbrook and Accutron. It is no wonder, then, that these two brands have partnered again to create an exclusive line of Esties together. Marked by a drive to create technical perfection, tempered with a deep understanding of American design appeal, both Bulova Accutron and Esterbrook welcome this new line together.

      The Estie is the mainstay of Esterbrook and we embrace the added value of working alongside a brand like Accutron to create a nod to American exceptionalism. So entrenched in American culture, our two brands are proud to have been around during some of the most exciting moments in human history.

      Given Esterbrook and Accutron’s connection to the 1960’s Space Race, it is no surprise that we once again harken back to this time for inspiration. It was with an Esterbrook that John F. Kennedy, Jr. signed bills that would one day make it possible for a man to walk on the moon. And with an Accutron on their wrists, astronauts have been exploring the Great Unknown for decades since.

      Looking towards the stars, we have created a design that is a nod to this past while looking towards the future. The swirl of gold, green, and blue in the body are reminiscent of the night sky while highlighting the signature Accutron green that has made it an icon in the watch world. Esterbrook’s DiamondCast body only emphasizes the beauty of this pen by complementing the accent colors when the light catches it just right.

      With every detail honed to unparallel precision, this pen is the perfect collection piece for anyone with an interest in watches, pens, or American history. But hurry – this is a limited collaboration. The Accutron Regular Estie rollerball pen is limited to 110 pieces, while the Accutron Regular fountain pen with a gold-plated steel nib is limited to 300 pieces. The Accutron Oversize Estie pen with an 18-karat gold nib is limited to 100 pieces. All pieces are numbered.

      We welcome future partnerships with Accutron and look forward to creating memorable designs for our Estie line that honor the 150+ years of Esterbrook. For more information regarding our latest collaboration, please read our latest feature in Forbes.

      Accutron Regular Estie Fountain Pen with gold plated steel nib - EAC806 - $395.00

      Accutron Regular Estie Roller Ball Pen - EAC807 RB - $350.00

      Accutron Oversize Estie Pen with 18kt gold nib - EAC806/18k - $750 (note: this item is sold out)