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      Introducing: Butterfly Book Holders


      Introducing the Esterbrook Butterfly Book Holder! A handy little friend to keep your book open and your friends free to write, sketch, and create.

      The perfect size for any journal, these book holders are built to be as beautiful as they are functional. With dazzling enameled wings in either yellow or teal, there’s a butterfly for anyone’s desk who wants to add a little bit of joy this Spring season!

      Meet Your New Best Friend

      The Butterfly Book Holder will surely add a touch of elegance and color to your desk.

      • Multi-colored enamel wings for an elegant touch
      • Solid base and clips to keep your book open and your hands free
      • Elegantly designed in partnership with Jieyanow Atelier, a renowned artist

      A Special Thanks to Jieyanow Atelier

      This design was made in close partnership with stationery artist, Ow of Jieyanow Atelier. With her keen eye for design and ability to create beauty through her use of color, her expertise provided the creative direction behind this product, including the artist-designed packaging.

      Find out more about the Atelier here.