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      Esterbrook JR Pocket Pen Tuxedo Black

      JR is not a junior, but a J Reborn – i.e. the reborn model J that became Esterbrook’s most popular and best-selling model. It was a versatile, compact and inexpensive fountain pen for both men and women that could be carried anywhere, be it in a jeans pocket, a shirt pocket or a small womans handbag.

      Most people think that the J pens are the so-called Double Jewel models produced since 1948, but in fact they first appeared in the 1941 catalog as part of a series called Visumasters. These pens were very different from other Esterbrook pens in the pattern of alternating thin and wide stripes of marble plastic on the body (like a uniform stripe). These pens were often complected with the topest 9xxx nibs using an “osmiridium nib”. The model received the name Visumasters due to the presence of a transparent section on the grip that allowed monitoring the ink filled into the pen, while the filling system was standard for that time – a lever-filler. However, in 1943, a modified model was released with Twist Fillers, which was completed with 8xxx series nibs in palladium and silver alloy. Now this model is extremely difficult to find, due to the fact that its price at the time of sale was $3.5 versus $1 for a regular J model, so few people bought this model. From 1944 to 1948, the so-called “Transitional” model was produced, which had a more streamlined cap with a jewel stone on top, and the end of the case was completely flat, while the plastic texture, although it remained with color transitions, but no longer had stripes. And finally, since 1948, the most famous “Double Jewel” J series began to be produced, which was produced in three sizes: J (full sized), LJ (slender) and SJ (slim J or demi) and six colors: red, blue, black, cooper , light green and green army.

      There is also an interesting prototype in the LJ format with a 6668 nib made in the likeness of the popular Sheaffer Triumph form :). The popularity of the J model was due to its simplicity, compactness, low price and of course its compatibility with a huge variety of replaceable nibs from the 1xxx series to the 9xxx series with variations from the usual Firm Extra Fine to the calligraphic Flexible Stub and Relief Medium Italic.

      This fountain pen has a cylindrical shape from black acrylic with mother-of-pearl veins. Unlike the top model “Estie” this pen has flat tops. The filling system is a cartridge-converter of the international formatCap on thread, single-start thread, closing/opening in 1 and 1/4 turns.