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      Nothing goes better together than pens and paper - well, except maybe Esterbrook and our creative friends like you!

      Since reigniting Esterbrook in 2018, we have always wanted to create a brand that's dedicated to you. We want to create a world where our community thrives and creativity flourishes. Now, with our journals, we feel we have done just that.

      We invite you to write, create, collage, and paint in our new A5 journals. You have 190 pages to make your own masterpiece. With 80lb fountain-pen friendly paper, all you need is your Estie and a couple hours to make something magical, which is especially easy given the illustrations done by artist Betty Soldi specially designed for this project!

      We've always been the right way for the way you write - we're just making it easier to create anywhere you want to. The hardest part:  Are you picking a Teal, Burgundy, or Camel cover?


      Paper details:

      • 80 gram GSM
      • Made from wood pulp
      • Sustainably sourced with FSC
      • Timeless Heritage: Esterbrook Pens boast a rich legacy dating back to the 19th century, synonymous with quality craftsmanship and enduring elegance.
      • Versatility and Innovation: From classic colors to modern designs, Esterbrook offers a diverse range of writing instruments tailored to meet the needs of various writing styles and preferences.
      • Superior Quality: Each Esterbrook Pen is meticulously crafted using premium materials and innovative techniques, ensuring a smooth writing experience and long-lasting durability.
      • The "Write" Pen for You: Esterbrook Pens offer options for customization, allowing users to personalize their writing instruments with a variety of nib options to suit their unique writing preferences.