Michael Fiedler

My interest in hand writing began when my mom gave me a journal when I joined the Navy in 1986. Nearly eighty volumes later, I have not missed a day in over 31 years.

After the military when  my career in photojournalism evolved into work at daily newspapers including the New York Times, I began to carry a small diary with me in my camera bag.

Each day I would meet the most interesting people, and I was fascinated about what they did for a living and I would ask them to write a page or two in my diary.

This was the beginning of an ongoing project which I call “ The Working Journal – a photographic and hand written documentary of the jobs, professions and endeavors that shape our connectivity to the people in the world around us.

My interest in hand writing and journaling naturally gravitated me towards the world of fountain pens. I’ve had the opportunity to meet many interesting and influential people in the pen community.

I was particularly pleased to begin a friendship with Bryan Hulser of Kenro Inc.

We sat down, collaborated and came up with the idea of a place where we could share these stories and photographs  of every day people.

The thing I love most about this project is the way it expands the viewers  world through  the process of understanding  people not only by their photograph, but how they have all approached the same blank page and filled it with an expressive, unique manuscript..

A roadmap, if you will, of their individuality captured, through  the beautiful expression of handwriting.

Read more about Michael on his website HERE and follow our Open Book.

Watch Michaels interview on WTNH

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