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      Introducing Botanical Garden


      With Spring in the air and the months getting warmer, what better time to celebrate the beauty of nature than with a new pen? Introducing Botanical Garden, the latest from Esterbrook.

      Using our high-quality acrylic, we have created a pen that doesn’t just pay homage to springtime gardens – but celebrates them. In each pen, you will find a kaleidoscope of floral accents, from greens to blues, deep reds to oranges, all displayed in a crackle-like pattern that intrigues the eye and inspires the imagination.

      Botanical Garden is available in both gold and palladium trim. You have the choice of both oversized and regular, as well as your pick of fountain pen, rollerball, or ballpoint.  

      A Pen Designed with You in Mind

      Looking to add to your collection? Looking to make the jump into luxury pens? Either way, this Estie is the right choice for you.

      • Acrylic body for longterm use and a pleasant writing experience
      • A variety of writing modes, including fountain pen, ballpoint, and rollerball as well as Regular and Oversized
      • Over 10 nib options for any kind of writing style
      • Our proprietary cushion-cap closure keep the point wet and ready to use

      The Right Pen for the Way You Write!


      Since 1858, we've been America's choice for luxury writing utensils


      Each component of our pens are quality-tested to ensure a lifetime of use


      We've built a global community of enthusiasts and invite you to follow along

      Celebrating Springtime

      Our acrylic blend perfectly matches the various floral colors of a well-kept garden or a blossoming flower meadow.

      In Partnership with: Jieyanow Atelier

      Early orders for the Botanical Garden pen included stamps created by Jieyanow Atelier. These are now sold out, but we loved working with Ow on this project and feel that her recreations of iconic Botanical Gardens across the world celebrate the global community of Esterbrook!