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From the “Working Journal” – a photographic and hand-written documentary of the jobs, professions and endeavors that shape our connectivity to the people and the world around us –
Capt. Lauren Elliott- airline pilot, Reston, VA. “My name is Lauren Elliot and I have my eyes turned skyward. I am an airline captain for Southwest airlines. I have been flying since I was 22, and it’s funny what you remember. I have a memory of my grandfather telling me his flying stories. He flew bombers in the 1940s. I also have a memory of sitting on the back porch with my dad in high school. He told me I could do anything I set my mind to, and I believed him. Fast forward to today and I’m still excited to go to work and fly airplanes. It’s bittersweet to leave my daughters for a trip and yet, this is not only my job but my profession. I take great pride in what I do. Every take off, every landing, every interaction with my crew, coworkers and passengers. We are trained for the unexpected and seldom share the quiet moments we take for ourselves when we revel in the beautiful sunset or the intensely epic thunderstorms in the distance or the sheer number of stars in the sky that shine like beacons guiding the way. I saw the most amazing shooting star one night from the cockpit. I’ve always known I have an incredible office view, but that one hit home for me. To paraphrase Davinci -I am so blessed to have tasted flight, because I know my eyes are turned skyward and there it is I will always long to return”.

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