Estie Blueberry Spring Collection


Spring Collection features the Blueberry Estie  

The new Blueberry Estie is ripe for the picking. Like the North American plant, Estie Blueberry is more blue with some hint of purple and perfect for every writing enthusiast. The acrylic body is high polished and highlights its purplish blue marble texture very well. The new Estie fountain pen can be chosen in silver or gold trim and is limited to approximately 250 units each.

Complete with the Jowo Six nib and advanced cushion cap closure, the new Blueberry follows the high qualities of early Estie models. The nib can be chosen in EF, Fine, M and Broad and can be inked with the included cartridge or German made Schmidt converter. Moreover, you can now consider the popular Stub 1.1 for your Blueberry with silver trim or all Esties with silver trim.

Each Estie is packaged inside the traditional red branded box and comes with a guarantee of three years.



  •           Comfortably balanced fountain pen in a complete range of points for the way you write
  •           Nib size/point size extra fine, fine, medium and broad – Specially manufactured in Germany by Jowo
  •           Blended and turned acrylic with a high polished finish
  •           Cushion cap closure provides a secondary seal to ensure a wet point
  •           Ink is filled by a cartridge of ink or a converter, which acts like a syringe to draw ink from a bottle
  •           Sleek palladium clip that provides a clean accent for the cap and slides easily to ones shirt pocket


  •           Weight: 24g overall
  •           Measurements: 5.9″ closed, 5″ open, 6.7″ posted
  •           JoWo #6 nib

Blueberry Fountain Pen w/Gold Trim – Model: E406 – $195

Blueberry Fountain Pen w/Silver Trim – Model: E416 – $195

See the full line of Estie pens HERE

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